Attention SSPX: A Call for Fidelity

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As the general chapter of the SSPX approaches, an open and signed letter has just been published. It aims to demand the cessation of the causes of the crisis that undermines the SSPX. This elective chapter is an opportunity, probably the last. The letter can be read on the dedicated website and signed online.

A Call for Fidelity

Ask the members of the General Chapter of the Priestly Fraternity Saint Pius X –

We are companions from the beginning, or yesterday’s converts, fathers or mothers, priests, religious men and women, or simple faithful who wish to remain so; we applauded the 1974 declaration, also noting that modernist Rome had lost faith and was spreading deadly errors for souls more than ever.

We understood the state of necessity that led Archbishop Lefebvre to disregard the unjust condemnations given him by priestly ordinations and the coronations. We mourned with him the betrayal of those who now bear the name of rallies for abandoning the fight against the destruction of the faith, and for the reign of Christ the King. We understood that this state of necessity gave a truer jurisdiction than that resulting from a new code of canon law in opposition in many respects with our faith.

We loved to form a great family of families, peacefully united by the truth, and as Archbishop Lefebvre allowed this union, in spite of the disorder caused by Rome, so we want to reform this peaceful union by this same truth free from compromise with the error.

So it is with the strength of our convictions, with the right of those who participated to build materially and humanly this Fraternity, our Fraternity, with our material means, our time, our dedication, our religious commitment, priestly or that of some of our children, with our friendship and our fidelity to the best advice of its founder Monseigneur Lefebvre, that we ask to be heard as it is right that we are, like adult children have the right to be heard from their parents; it is with respect but firmly that we ask chapter members to hear our appeal and to read it publicly on this occasion:

1.  That the proposals for partial regularization concerning confession, ordinations and marriages, proposals which were to be presented to a deliberative chapter before being accepted, according to the decisions of the General Chapter of 2012, not be accepted,

2.  May the rule left by Archbishop Lefebvre become ours again, as it was decided in 2006: no practical agreement before agreeing on the doctrine, for the good of the Church,

3.  May charity regain its rights in the fraternity, offering those who wish to return to the place they thought they should leave or have had to leave, and renewing the ties of friendship with the independent communities who have deemed it necessary to express their disagreement with the acceptance of practical agreements devoid of the doctrinal prerequisite,

4.  That unity rebuilds itself in a common struggle against doctrinal errors and liberalism gradually invading our families and schools because if there is division, these years of unrest are one of the main causes.

Archambaud de Vençay Michel
Bizien Sylvie
Forest Divonne (de) Christian
Lagrave Christian
Mérode (de) Robert
Germay (de) Patrice
Peron Arnaud (12 children including 1 priest and 1 nun)
Triumph Michel



Let’s be reminded in this 30 year Anniversary for the ceremony of June 30, 1988 in which had given rise to the false excommunication latae sententiae of the two bishops, Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro-Mayer, and the four new bishops consecrated on that day for the “survival of the Tradition And safeguarding the Catholic priesthood”.

And on July 6, 1988, in a movement of valiant indignation, the twenty-four priests in charge of the Fraternity of the time (including the Superior General, Fr. Franz Schmidberger), had signed an open letter to Cardinal Gantin, prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, to ask to be struck by the same canonical sentence, considering it as “a mark of honor and a sign of orthodoxy before the faithful”.

July 6, 1988

Open Letter to Cardinal Gantin
Prefect of the Congregation
for Bishops

Ecône, July 6, 1988


Gathered around our Superior General, the Superiors of the Districts, Seminaries and autonomous houses of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X think it good to respectfully express to you the following reflections.

You thought it good, by your letter of July 1st, to inform Their Excellencies Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, and the four Bishops whom they consecrated on June 30, at Ecône, of the excommunication latæ sententiæ.We let you judge for yourself the value of such a declaration, coming from an authority who, in its exercise, breaks with all its predecessors down to Pope Pius XII, in worship, teaching and government of the Church.

As for us, we are in full communion with all the Popes and Bishops before the Second Vatican Council, celebrating precisely the Mass which they codified and celebrated, teaching the Catechism which they drew up, standing up against the errors which they have many times condemned in their encyclicals and pastoral letters. We let you judge on which side the rupture is to be found. We are extremely saddened by the blindness of spirit and the hardening of heart of the Roman authorities.

On the other hand, we have never wished to belong to this system which calls itself the Conciliar Church, and defines itself with the Novus Ordo Missæ, an ecumenism which leads to indifferentism and the laicization of all society. Yes, we have no part, nullam partem habemus, with the pantheon of the religions of Assisi; our own excommunication by a decree of Your Eminence or of another Roman Congregation would only be the irrefutable proof of this. We ask for nothing better than to be declared out of communion with this adulterous spirit which has been blowing in the Church for the last 25 years; we ask for nothing better than to be declared outside of this impious communion of the ungodly. We believe in the One God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, and we will always remain faithful to His unique Spouse, the One Holy Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church.

To be publicly associated with this sanction which is inflicted upon the six Catholic Bishops, Defenders of the Faith in its integrity and wholeness, would be for us a mark of honor and a sign of orthodoxy before the faithful. They have indeed a strict right to know that the priests who serve them are not in communion with a counterfeit church, promoting evolution, pentecostalism and syncretism. In union with these faithful, we make ours the words of the Prophet: “Præparate corda vestra Domino et servite Illi soli: et liberabit vos de manibus inimicorum vestrorum. Convertimini ad Eum in toto corde vestro, et auferte deos alienos de medio vestri—Open your hearts to the Lord and serve Him only: and He will free you from the hands of your enemies. With all your heart return to Him, and take away from your midst any strange gods” (I Kings 7:3).95

Confident in the protection of Her who has crushed all the heresies in the world, we assure Your Eminence of our dedication to Him Who is the only Way of salvation.

Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Superior General
Fr. Paul Aulagnier, District Superior, France
Fr. Franz-Josef Maessen, District Superior, Germany
Fr. Edward Black, District Superior, Great Britain
Fr. Anthony Esposito, District Superior of Italy
Fr. François Laisney, District Superior, United States
Fr. Jacques Emily, District Superior of Canada
Fr. Jean Michel Faure, District Superior of Mexico
Fr. Gerard Hogan, District Superior of Australasia
Fr. Alain Lorans, Superior, Seminary of Ecône
Fr. Jean Paul André, Superior, Seminary of France
Fr. Paul Natterer, Superior, Seminary of Germany
Fr. Andrès Morello, Superior, Seminary of Argentina
Fr. William Welsh, Superior, Seminary of Australia
Fr. Michel Simoulin, Rector, St. Pius X University
Fr. Patrice Laroche, Vice-Rector, Seminary of Ecône
Fr. Philippe François, Superior, Belgium
Fr. Roland de Mérode, Superior, Netherlands
Fr. Georg Pflüger, Superior, Austria
Fr. Guillaume Devillers, Superior, Spain
Fr. Philippe Pazat, Superior, Portugal
Fr. Daniel Couture, Superior, Ireland
Fr. Patrick Groche, Superior, Gabon
Fr. Frank Peek, Superior, Southern Africa

No answer was received.

95. Antiphon at Matins, read in the beginning of July.




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Catechism: The Battle For The Faith Today




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What is happening in Catholic Tradition?

Whether old or young, a Catholic’s life since Vatican II (1960’s) has been met with confusion and turmoil.  To no surprise when our Lady foretold these events would happen because of sin and lacking interest in her Son’s Redemption.  However, thanks to the mercy of God, He has always been with those who are faithful to Him in every generation allowing His will to be known:

“And the Lord went before them to shew the way by day in a pillar of a cloud, and by night in a pillar of fire: that he might be the guide of their journey at both times.  There never failed the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, before the people.” (Exodus 13)

Today’s Catholic Tradition is no different with confusion and turmoil; especially since the discovery of the 2012 SSPX leaked documents seeing for ourselves a true rebel revolution on the part of Bishop Fellay and his administration desiring to go into modern rome without doctrine!

We have updated the TAB – “SSPX Agreement with Conciliar rome” with some recent news showing the advance and pursuit on the part of Menzingen; including, the recent document from Pope Francis regarding the new form of marriages within the SSPX chapels:

“The new provisions are a part of a number of ongoing meetings and initiatives aimed at bringing the Society into full communion.  The provisions in that document made it possible to blend the local bishops and their jurisdictions into the “realization” to ensure the validity of all the marriages celebrated in the SSPX chapels by appointing his novus ordo priests as the main role at the SSPX marriages and formally receive the consent of the couples. It is only given to the SSPX priest to offer the nuptial “extraordinary mass” as a subservient role.

“The only other allowance to this provision is if the local Bishop gives permission to the SSPX priest to receive the consent himself, on a case by case basis, “if there are no priests in the diocese” available to do so.

“Thus, the SSPX priests can no longer give the sacrament of marriage without the local ordinary’s permission.  Effectively, the SSPX just LOST one of the seven sacraments; they now can only give SIX sacraments of the Church!

“This Decree gives people to believe that the Traditional sacrament(s) are not required; only a personal choice for the people.

“The SSPX is declaring there is no longer a state of necessity.”

This is quite horrific in fact knowing Bishop Fellay had not only agreed to this, he had subversively planned this document in the name of the entire SSPX.

“The Society of Saint Pius X conveys its deep gratitude to the Holy Father for his pastoral solicitude.” (SSPX Statement about Holy See Letter Concerning Marriages)

We have also added a NEW tab entitled “What is the “False Resistance”?

It has become necessary to list and forewarn what is happening within the “False Resistance” led, unfortunately, by a different doctrine held by the three “resistance” bishops (Williamson, Faure, Aquinas) and upcoming new bishop (Fr. Zendejas).

True, there is confusion also in Catholic Tradition.  Vatican II was designed to apostate souls; we are 54 years into it.  We are obliged to ask and discern what else is happening within God’s Church from the sins of men casting our salvation into the trash.  If we do not watch, says our Lord, we will perish in foolishness.

So what are the new evolved positions of each of the bishops and other Traditional groups?  In the new Tab are the quotes provided with links and sources.

 “The faithful have a strict right to know the doctrine of their priests.”  (Archbishop Lefebvre)

Though the Church may seem disfigured, so wasn’t our Lord in His time.  This needs to happen says our Lord “If they do this to me they will do this to you.”  – “Follow Me.”

It is by faith with the Blessed Mother we can see the beauty of her Son looking up on the cross of redemption accepting all He has for our generation.  The Saints envied our time and could not have it; but we do.  What will you do?

God is worth every effort we give Him.  His Son bled on the cross for us.  Will we for Him?

Being informed is being forewarned.  Jerusalem wished they had made a different choice than the ruin it became by gaming, casting lots, interested in “bread and circuses”.  Their unrepentance became their future.

Contrarily, fidelity is only found in the Hand of our Lord.  That is our refuge.  Fight for what is yours!

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Due to the recent and unfortunate split in the Catholic Resistance in cause of Bishop Williamson openly spreading errors (since 2012) in pertinacity against the Traditional Catholic faith (i.e. in his Eleison Comments and conferences promoting disunity in independence from any structured Catholic organization the Church has always sought and maintained in any crisis and human society, believing in the conciliar church, and promoting the new religion stating that the novus ordo mass is legitimate and one can actively go to it if it “nourishes” your faith, promoting the false “miracles” in the new religion, he says that the new mass is “ambiguous” and that the new mass and the old mass is the same depending what you make of it and interpret it, not surprising as Bishop Williamson had stated that “conservative” parts of the new mass is good if you can find a novus ordo priest who says it “decently”, worthily”, and reverently” with the liberal parts as bad not to go to it, Bishop Williamson had given the sacrament of confirmation twice to the Feeneyites, promoting many times a condemned book on the Church’s INDEX the Poem of the Man God by Maria Valtorta, and other such messages with awry and ambiguity that confuses the Catholic faithful to obfuscation), as Catholics faithful to our baptism, we refuse to follow such an independent spirit, one that draws on a cult of “personalities and clericalism” being of the same revolutionary stock that has so ravished the Catholic Church for the last 50 years since Vatican II.

Adding to the same, in the words of Archbishop Lefebvre regarding the present overall crisis in the Catholic Church, we do not follow the syncretic revolution of Vatican II personified in the present Pope and his administration being unfaithful to the perennial teachings of the Church: Guiding – Teaching – Sanctifying, in the footsteps of his predecessors and communion of the Saints.  Though we are against such novelty and error, we are not sedevacantists, we pray for him to fulfill his office entrusted to him.  Extending to this in the prophesy of our Lady of La Salette who foretold this devastation in the Church and abandonment of the cross by those who are consecrated…will betray our Lord as those prelates have done in Holy Week some 2,000 years ago.

Christ said “Follow me…”;  Therefore, the Mystical Body of Christ needs to go through Her way of the cross: betrayal, abandonment, disfigurement, and crucifixion to enter her glory.

Archbishop Lefebvre rightly said, this is a matter of being faithful to the Catholic faith handed down from Jesus Christ – “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrew 11).  Nothing less, irregardless of the world’s dictums serving the whims of men and errant prelates.  History is replete with such substitute ills.

Archbishop Lefebvre stood and proclaimed the faith on the giants of the Church and has taught amongst this betrayal coming from the bishops and other highest offices of the Church, including the Pope himself, no worries, we have with us and follow all of the faithful multitude of Popes and Bishops, saints and Martyrs of the Eternal Church who fight along side us -in the same fight- they fought.

We will pray for those priests and bishops who once up-held the faith in the source of Tradition now departed seeking their own wills and any other souls who have followed them in such errors.

The SSPX-mc following Archbishop Lefebvre simply reorganized remaining true to form following the same wisdom and guidance of their founder, who without doubt, was sent by God and is a great defender of the Church – the Mystical Body of Christ.

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